TEPCO to pay Namie town 2.5 bil. yen in nuke mishap compensation

7 June 2017

Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) is expected to pay Namie town 2.5 billion yen out of some 11.59 billion yen the municipality is demanding in compensation for alleged declines in the value of its land caused by the 2011 nuclear accident at the utility’s Fukushima Daiichi plant, town officials said on June 6. If the compensation is paid, Namie will be the first municipality in Fukushima Prefecture to receive it for public assets in connection with the accident.

The town filed a compensation claim with TEPCO in June last year, alleging that municipally owned residential land, forests and other public assets totaling some 260 hectares have declined in value or become worthless. The amount of compensation was calculated on the basis of standards shown by TEPCO to individuals and corporate entities for figuring out damage to their properties.

Namie is set to continue negotiations with TEPCO for payment of the remaining sum of about 9 billion yen. The town submitted a supplementary general account budget for fiscal 2017 incorporating the initial compensation amount to the municipal assembly's June regular session on June 7.

TEPCO declined to confirm the latest compensation, saying it “cannot comment on the amount of payment and its ground associated with individual negotiations.”

(Translated by Kyodo News)