Work begins to build world’s newest cutting-edge coal-fired power plant

8 April 2017

A joint venture by five companies began construction work in the Iwama-machi district of Iwaki city, Fukushima Prefecture, on April 7 to build a coal-fired thermal power plant, based on the world’s most advanced “integrated coal gasification combined cycle” (IGCC) technology. The project, undertaken by Nakoso IGCC Power GK, is intended to make the plant a major base of “clean coal” technology featuring the use of coal with a less environmental load. The company is seeking to begin operating the plant in September 2020.

Nakoso is a power generation company jointly owned by Mitsubishi Corporation Power Ltd., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. and Joban Joint Power Co. The project calls for the installation of one IGCC generator on a tract of land about 70,000 square meters, located in the east of Joban Joint Power’s Nakoso thermal power station. It will be capable of producing some 540 megawatts of electricity equivalent to power consumed by about 150,000 households.

The Nakoso plant will have two turbines, one powered by gasified coal and the other by steam generated by exhaust heat from the gas turbine. It will use less coal than conventional coal-fired thermal power plants and have better efficiency in power generation. The new plant will also reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 15%.

(Translated by Kyodo News)