Some temporary houses for Fukushima evacuees have partial base decay, termite damage

25 November 2016

A Fukushima prefectural government survey has found signs of decomposition and termite damage on wooden foundation piles at a total of 293 makeshift units in 135 residential buildings built for evacuees in Fukushima Prefecture since the 2011 earthquake and ensuing nuclear accident at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima Daiichi plant. The finding, covering evacuee homes at eight residential complexes in the prefecture, was part of the results of the survey published on Nov. 24. The annual survey for fiscal 2016 was taken simultaneously for all 15,326 units in 3,458 buildings at 170 complexes except for those due to be demolished.

The survey was conducted from mid-June to mid-November. The foundation pile decomposition and termite damage, which could cause houses to tilt, were confirmed at five residential complexes in Iwaki city, two in Fukushima city and one in Nihonmatsu city.

Termite damage was found at six units in six buildings, foundation pile decomposition at 154 units in 85 buildings and both types of damage at 133 units in 44 buildings. The prefecture is set to reinforce piles with steel members, spray insecticide on foundation portions and take other measures.

(Translated by Kyodo News)