Uchibori wins 3rd term as Fukushima governor, turnout at 42.58%

Incumbent Masao Uchibori garnered an overwhelming majority, or 576,221 ballots, in the 22nd Fukushima gubernatorial election held on Oct. 30 ahead of the completion of his tenure in office, winning a third term as governor of the prefecture. Uchibori, 58, an independent supported by the prefectural organizations of four political parties -- the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and its coalition partner Komeito, and the opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and the Democratic Party for the People -- beat his sole opponent Yoshiaki Kusano, 66, a senior official of local labor and civic groups who was backed by the Japanese Communist Party, by a large margin. The first one-on-one battle in 12 years generated limited enthusiasm, with the second lowest turnout of 42.58%. Uchibori will serve a new four-year term beginning on Nov. 12. (Translated by Kyodo News)