Messages of thanks from Fukushima "reconstruction envoys" posted on YouTube channel

Video messages by "Fukushima ambassadors of reconstruction," publicly solicited by Fukushima-Minpo Co., were posted on a YouTube channel on Feb. 4 to express gratitude for support from home and abroad as the 10th anniversary of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster draws near. At the same time, the company, publisher of the namesake vernacular daily, has sent copies of a special edition carrying the messages to 34 overseas associations of Fukushima natives and the governors of the 46 other prefectures in Japan. The project involving reconstruction ambassadors, selected from among local residents, is intended to convey to many people their thoughts over the 10 years since the triple disaster, including the nuclear accident at Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.'s Fukushima Daiichi plant. The video and special edition, both accompanied by English translations, were produced by the company as a publicity project commemorating the disaster's 10th anniversary organized by the Reconstruction Agency to distribute relevant information. Looking back at the path of reconstruction since the quake and nuclear disaster, the video footage of about 10 minutes introduces activities of reconstruction ambassadors dispatched to various parts of Japan and abroad since 2012. Of the envoys, 10 selected people speak of gratitude and determination against the background of their respective hometown scenes. "We've received assistance from many people inside and outside Japan since the Great East Japan Earthquake," one says. "I want to keep working for Fukushima's growth and help people across the world who are struggling because of disasters and other challenges." The video's URL: The two-page special edition, titled "Thank You to Everyone Overseas and in Japan," has words of 50 reconstruction ambassadors printed on both sides of a broadsheet, the same size as the newspaper proper. It also carries a message from Yoshio Mitsuyama, chairman of World Fukushima Kenjinkai (prefectural association), who hails from the Taishin district of Shirakawa city, Fukushima Prefecture, and also chairs the Fukushima Prefectural Association in London. Fukushima-Minpo printed 10,000 copies of the special edition. They are being sent to foreign embassies in Japan as well as overseas prefectural associations and all prefectures at home other than Fukushima itself. In regions where their delivery by postal mail is difficult due to the new coronavirus epidemic and other reasons, the company will send the data electronically. Articles featuring the contents of the special edition were carried by the daily's regular version dated Feb. 10. (Translated by Kyodo News)