Aerobatic pilot Muroya draws smiley in sky over Fukushima

Aerobatic race pilot Yoshihide Muroya, who lives in Fukushima city, flew his small propeller-driven plane over the cities of Fukushima, Nihonmatsu, Koriyama, Sukagawa and Aizuwakamatsu, and elsewhere in Fukushima Prefecture on June 4, drawing a “smiley face” in the blue sky with white smoke from the aircraft in each place. Muroya performed the stunt in the hope of inspiring prefectural people to look up at the sky and cheering them up as they bear the brunt of hardships amid the new coronavirus epidemic. “I make it a practice to look up at the sky when I tend to lower my eyes,” he said. “I wish that it (my attempt) will be of some help at times like this.” Muroya is scheduled to perform similar aerobatics in the Hamadori coastal region and other places in Fukushima from now on. Times and dates are to be unveiled through his official Twitter account. [Photos] Smiley face drawn by Muroya in the blue sky over Otamachi area in Fukushima city around 12:45 p.m. on June 4 to cheer up local people Yoshihide Muroya (Translated by Kyodo News)