About the Company

Fukushima-Minpo Co. aims at creating the best local newspaper in Japan through accurate and speedy news coverage as it works to achieve its mission as a public organ.

Business Description

Issuing daily newspaper, publishing and sales of books and engaging in various cultural activities.

Corporate History

  • 1892

    - Publishes the first issue of the Fukushima Minpo.

  • 1960

    - Completes the construction of four-story premises in Sakaemachi, Fukushima.

  • 1977

    - Completes the construction of the new office building in the current location. Starts the operation of a rotary offset press.

  • 1981

    - Reaches a circulation of 250,000.Starts full-color printing for photographs.

  • 1989

    - Starts using electronic editing systems with computers.

  • 1992

    - Marks the 100th anniversary of the newspaper.Conducts various memorial events.Reaches a circulation of 300,000 in August.

  • 1995

    - Completes the construction of a new printing facility.

  • 1999

    - Creates new systems for newspaper production.

  • 2006

    - Builds additional new rotary press capable of 16-page color printing.

  • 2008

    - Renews the systems for newspaper production.Introduces CTP system.

  • 2010

    - Sets up an office for local exchange.

Since its launch on Aug. 1, 1892, Fukushima-Minpo Co. has been advancing together with the residents of Fukushima Prefecture as the publisher of a local paper. In 1977, we built the current office ''Minpo Building,'' an eight-story structure above ground with a two-story basement, in Otamachi, Fukushima. We have been delivering papers in vivid colors ever since the construction of the ''Fukushima Minpo Insatsu Center,'' a printing facility equipped with an advanced rotary offset press, in Sakurashimo, Fukushima in 1995. Our newspaper production systems were upgraded with a new computerized system in 1999. Based on our motto of community-oriented services, Fukushima-Minpo Co. will make efforts for further improvements to better serve readers by responding to a diversifying information society and fast-evolving technology.


〒 960-8602 13-17 Otamachi, Fukushima, Japan